jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Challenges of the Psychology

I think that the challenges of Psychology are completely related with the psychological tradition that we are agree with. I mean, for example, for a behavior psychologist, the technology issues are a big problem, understanding always that technology has everything to do with science (just like this kind of psychology) , and that the scientific progress makes possible the development of new instruments, which will led us to a more complex and deeper analysis of the psychological phenomenon. But, in the other hand, we have psychoanalysis, which is not so dependent of the scientific progress (and it’s not like they are really worried about it), ‘cause their interest is not just explain the psychological phenomenon, but make a deeper comprehension and interpretation of the mind. So, what I want to say, is that before asking about the challenges of technology in psychology, a more important question is about if technology is really a problem in psychology. The answer that you will receive has everything to do with the tradition that we adscript to.


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