jueves, 19 de noviembre de 2009

Challenges of the Psychology

I think that the challenges of Psychology are completely related with the psychological tradition that we are agree with. I mean, for example, for a behavior psychologist, the technology issues are a big problem, understanding always that technology has everything to do with science (just like this kind of psychology) , and that the scientific progress makes possible the development of new instruments, which will led us to a more complex and deeper analysis of the psychological phenomenon. But, in the other hand, we have psychoanalysis, which is not so dependent of the scientific progress (and it’s not like they are really worried about it), ‘cause their interest is not just explain the psychological phenomenon, but make a deeper comprehension and interpretation of the mind. So, what I want to say, is that before asking about the challenges of technology in psychology, a more important question is about if technology is really a problem in psychology. The answer that you will receive has everything to do with the tradition that we adscript to.


jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

My Dream Vacations

I was trying to think in the perfect vacations, the vacations of my dreams, and I surprised myself when I realize that I’ve already had my perfect vacations. So, when I thought in my dreams vacations, this is what went through my mind: me, my sister and my mother in a shack, near the beach, in Quintero. Daddy was (and is) always working, so we never had a long-time vacation with him. So, there we were, only the three of us. I remember the shack, and it wasn’t too comfortable, but I’ve always thought that there’s nothing like sleeping in a place made completely of wood, so, been comfortable didn’t really matter.

I remember that when we were walking down the road to the beach, I always wanted to stop in a place full of videogames that was just in front of the beach. So, I remember playing in those machines and looking at my mom and sis at the same time. Then, after I’ve already wasted all my money, I remember myself running to the beach, throwing my t-shirt to the towels, and keep running until I could jump real high (for a kid) and fall right in a wave.

I remember being all the day in the beach.

I remember, it were like dream vacations.

jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2009

My favorite sport: The Basketball

I’ve never be good at soccer. Since I’m a kid, I remember never really liked playing soccer. But I like sports. I like the physical work and the way that sports makes you, always, improve your skills. So, I started looking for the skills that I wanted to improve. Things like the precision, the fast work team, and the need of been always running are things that I found only in basketball. I`m sure that out there must be a lot of sports that includes the things that I already said, but basket was the sport that I had the most exposure to, because it was a strong sport in my school, besides soccer.
So I started playing basket in my school. But, after a short time, I felt that I wanted to play a little more. So I started to play for the municipality for Providencia, which is the one that corresponds to my old school.
But, ‘cause things are never always ok, basketball had an end for me.
It was a normal training, a month before the championship. We were playing like we usually do, but my partner didn’t think so. I was running, I jumped to make a point, and my partner, trying to stop me from doing it, made me an awful foul, that made go down to the ground. I thought it wasn’t really bad, until the doctor said to me that I needed a treatment, because for now on, my kneecap was going to get out of its place in any moment. Obviously, I couldn’t play the championship.
I think that’s my experience with my favorite sport, the basketball.

jueves, 13 de agosto de 2009

The First Semester

It toke me just one day, the first one, in the university, to realize that things here were a lot different than school.

The first thing I learned was that learning is not so important. I mean, it’s important, and really important, but it’s not everything. The first thing I learned, was that being the best in the class wasn`t really the idea of being here.

Now, in the academic side, I think that Anthropology and Social History were the signatures that made me got up early. Both were really interesting. Obviously, Psychology was a nice one too.

About my free time, I didn’t have much. But I think that that made me appreciate more the time I had for my friends and for myself. With my friends, we just hang out. I’m not, and I think my friends neither, a disco-person. So when we’re together, we just hag out. And in the time I had for myself, I just wanted to listen some music, read the books I bought and never had time for, smoke some cigarettes, and maybe juggle for a while.

The challenges I had to face in the first semester are not of a really different nature than the challenges of now, of this semester. Sure, this semester is going to be a little tougher than the first one, in the academic side, but I think that the real challenges are the ones that have a relation with your own thoughts, with your ideas, with the things you believe. I think that the real challenges are related with the compromise you have with your own ideas.

After all, the good things and the not so good things, I really appreciate the people I’ve met at this time.